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Floor Plans

*Pricing and availability are subject to change
*Short term leases are subject to a premium fee
*SQFT listed is an approximate value for each unit

Move-In Date

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Rent Deposit Availability
Floor PlanGable Bed/Bath1 / 1 681Square feet Monthly Rent$880 Deposit$350

Floor PlanGable (PhII & PhIII) Bed/Bath1 / 1 682Square feet Monthly Rent$925 Deposit$350

Floor PlanFelix Bed/Bath1 / 1 742Square feet Monthly Rent$999 Deposit$350

Floor PlanFelix (PII & PhIII) Bed/Bath1 / 1 751Square feet Monthly Rent$1,060 Deposit$350

Floor PlanEmbry Bed/Bath1 / 1 783Square feet Monthly Rent$1,010 Deposit$350

Floor PlanEmbry (PII & PhIII) Bed/Bath1 / 1 786Square feet Monthly Rent$1,070 Deposit$350

Floor PlanDelaney (PII & PhIII) Bed/Bath1 / 1 891Square feet Monthly Rent$1,120 Deposit$350

Floor PlanDelaney Bed/Bath1 / 1 896Square feet Monthly Rent$1,075 Deposit$350

Floor PlanBaxter (PII & PhIII) Bed/Bath1 / 1 1025Square feet Monthly Rent  Deposit$350

Floor PlanBrooklyn Bed/Bath1 / 1 1038Square feet Monthly Rent$1,035 -to $1,100 Deposit$350

Floor PlanCasper (PII & PhIII) Bed/Bath1 / 1 1121Square feet Monthly Rent$1,280 Deposit$350

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Rent Deposit Availability
Floor PlanAlexander Bed/Bath2 / 2 1118Square feet Monthly Rent$1,195 -to $1,415 Deposit$450

Floor PlanCamden (PhII & PhIII) Bed/Bath2 / 2 1122Square feet Monthly Rent$1,375 Deposit$450

Floor PlanAlexander (PhII & PhIII) Bed/Bath2 / 2 1132Square feet Monthly Rent$1,230 -to $1,440 Deposit$450

Floor PlanCamden Bed/Bath2 / 2 1139Square feet Monthly Rent$1,250 -to $1,330 Deposit$450

Floor PlanBaldwin (PhII & PhIII) Bed/Bath2 / 2 1181Square feet Monthly Rent$1,350 Deposit$450

Floor PlanKatie (PhII & PhIII) Bed/Bath2 / 2 1418Square feet Monthly Rent$1,670 Deposit$450

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Rent Deposit Availability
Floor PlanHarper (PhII & PhIII) Bed/Bath3 / 2 1399Square feet Monthly Rent$1,675 Deposit$600

Floor PlanJameson (PhII & PhIII) Bed/Bath3 / 2 1418Square feet Monthly Rent$1,695 Deposit$600

Floor PlanHarper Bed/Bath3 / 2 1425Square feet Monthly Rent$1,625 Deposit$600

Floor PlanJameson Bed/Bath3 / 2 1434Square feet Monthly Rent$1,655 Deposit$600